To celebrate 100 years since Eric Liddell’s historic Gold Medal win, the Eric Liddell Community launched the Eric Liddell 100 project, and we have written a new story – in the style of Godly Play – as part of this project.

In 1924 Eric refused to compete in his favoured 100m race at the Paris Olympic Games, because the qualifying heats were being run on a Sunday. Eric could not run on a Sunday. Sunday is God’s day – Sabbath.

Instead, he said that he could run in the 400m, a distance that he hadn’t run before. No one expected him to even reach the finals, let alone win the gold medal or set a new world record. He did both.

We have some sets of the storytelling objects you can borrow, too. They will be in the lending collections in Edinburgh, Inverness and St Andrew’s soon.

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